Unfortunately, thousands of homes were damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Many had to evacuate and now face costly repairs and damage. If you’re home was flooded, take these steps to ensure that you get back on track:

Take pictures of everything– Everything that was damaged by flood waters or high winds should be documented for proof; even things you wouldn’t normally think of such as your tv, air conditioner, bed, refrigerator, etc. This may help you out with your insurance claim. Tip: Take a picture of the depth of the water using a ruler. This may be vital to recording the damage to your home.

Call your insurance agent first– Don’t call the insurance company. Your insurance agent will be able to answer your questions about what your insurance covers and can file a claim quickly. Don’t try to go about filling out a claim on your own. Agents are trained to deal with these circumstances.

Go to disasterassistance.gov– Whether you have insurance or not, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) can help. You will benefit more if you have flood insurance, but it certainly helps to at least file a claim at the NFIP.

Don’t touch or move anything until you’ve taken pictures– Think of your home as sort of like a crime scene. Everything must stay in place until you have fully documented the full damage.

Do as much as you can before hiring a professional– There’s a heavy demand for work right now, which might mean that the cost of hiring a professional to help remove flooring, drywall, etc. will be high. If you are able, try attempting these tasks on your own. This will cut labor time costs down, and will possibly create less work for the professional.

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