It’s not uncommon to find a used car in a dealership with not that many miles on it. That’s because many try to keep up with the latest car trends, and after 5 or more years, those cars are turned in to dealerships for the latest and greatest car out there.

However, keeping your old car in shape may not be such a bad idea. This can actually be the most cost effective, despite the common idea that keeping up an older car is more expensive than buying new.

Here are 5 tips to make your car last for years:

Start with a reliable model. Ensure that your vehicle will be built to last. Research models and make a pro and con list of each model to help you decide.

Follow the recommended maintenance. Keep up with your car’s oil changes, filter changes, brakes, tires, alignment, fluid changes, and general repairs. Although these things cost money, it still doesn’t compare to the expensive cost of purchasing a brand new vehicle.

Don’t buy cheap parts. You don’t need to overspend on expensive parts, but make sure you aren’t buying the bottom end when you invest in ball joints or transmission oil. You get what you pay for.

Listen and smell your car. That’s right. If you notice any strange noises, vibrations, or smells coming from your car, don’t ignore it until the problem escalates- identify the problem and take it in for repair.

Wash and clean your car frequently. This is more than just a cosmetic need. Washing and waxing your vehicle will keep its paint looking brand new.